John Paul II

Justice and Peace Centre

“The Church as the family of God in Africa must bear witness to Christ, by a firm commitment to justice and solidarity by each member of God´s People”.
(Ecclesial in Africa, John Paul II)

Promote Human Rights and Good Governance

John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre (JPIIJPC) contributes to Government efforts and other stakeholders in deepening a culture of human rights and democracy through promotion and enhancement of respect for human rights by Uganda Police Force, combating trafficking in persons and modern slavery, promoting democratic practices and citizen participation in decision making and political processes (civic education) and the promotion girl child education.

Promote peace and peaceful dispute resolution

JPIIJPC promotes peace and harmony in families and communities and empower refugees and host communities for peaceful coexistence. JPIIJPC with other partners work with refugees and host communities in Bidibidi and Imvepi Refugee Settlements to build bridges, facilitate understanding and ensure peaceful coexistence, thereby enhancing social harmony.

John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre (JPIIJPC)

John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre (JPIIJPC) was established in 2007 to respond to St. John Paul II Ecclesial in Africa which says, “The Church as the family of God in Africa must bear witness to Christ, by a firm commitment to justice and solidarity by each member of God´s People”.

Like many other countries, the People of God in Uganda are still afflicted by poverty, exploitation, corruption, violence and lack of respect for human dignity and rights. At the same time, many people feel inspired by the Gospel and discover the valuable contribution of the Catholic Social Teaching. The Centre walks in faith with these brothers and sisters towards the transformation of the Church and society in Uganda.

The Centre was named after John Paul II to keep alive the teaching of our late Holy Father who so tirelessly preached the Gospel call of peace and justice, especially in his Ecclesial in Africa after the First African Synod 1994.

Why the Name John Paul II Justice & Peace

“Peace is not just the absence of war. It involves mutual respect and confidence between peoples and nations. It involves collaboration and binding agreements. Above all, it cannot be built on injustice, discrimination, or exploitation. No lasting peace can be achieved unless it is based on the dignity and worth of every human being.”

Pope John Paul II reflects his deep commitment to promoting justice and peace as integral aspects of human dignity and the well-being of the global community. Pope John Paul II was a strong advocate for social justice and worked tirelessly to promote peace and reconciliation among nations.

What we do

We aim at promoting awareness and provide creative response to issues of Justice and Peace in Uganda.

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Combatting Human Trafficking in Uganda

Since 2015 JPIIJPC and partners has been working on Trafficking in Persons (TIP) and Modern Slavery (MS) in Uganda.

Solar for Peace

The Centre promotes peace at the Refugee Settlement through the provision of solar energy in the critical sector of health, education and business.
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Peace Building

The Centre promotes harmonious living among the refugees and with the host communities at the Refugee Settlements through capacity building, livelihood empowerment, awareness creation and advocacy.

Solar Power for Peaceful Coexistence

JPIIJPC supports Refugees and Host Communities with Solar Power to improve health, education and businesses in the Settlement. 

John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre

Objectives as Justice & Peace Centre

  • To make Catholic Social Teaching more known, understood and effective in the life of the Church and Society.
  • To create a Centre of research into issues of justice and peace.
  • To engage in public advocacy and networking, in order to be a clear voice for a just society.
  • To collaborate with all other institutions or groups which share the same vision and objectives in a special way the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commissions, Association of Religious in Uganda (ARU), and the Catholic Secretariat for Justice and Peace.

Time has changed

Latest Campaigns


National Prayer

JPIIPC organizes National Prayer every year to create awareness on child Trafficking and modern slavery.

Radio Talk Shows

JPIIPC carries out radio talk shows to sensitize and engage communities on Human rights and good governance.

Infotainment Campaigns

To engage a youthful population which make up the biggest percentage in Uganda, JPIIPC uses drama and films to influence attitudes and behaviors towards ending child trafficking in Uganda.


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Training of Community Leaders

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