Solar Energy

Solar Energy and ICT Equipment For Health Centre IIIs and Schools-Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

Handover of Computer Laboratory in Twajiji Hope Primary School-Bidibidi Settlement

This multifaceted initiative, launched in late 2023 under the “Solar for Peace Project”, involved the construction of a spacious 7 by 6.6-meter computer laboratory and installation of 5.5 KWs solar energy in Twajiji Hope Primary School.  The laboratory was also incorporated with 20 computers, high-speed internet access, and essential amenities like air conditioning and fans.  The total cost of the construction and installation was UGX 219,555,636

Beyond providing access to technology, the Solar for Peace Program seeks to create long-term educational and future employment opportunities, contributing to the holistic development of refugee and host community. This project serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative efforts and innovative solutions in enhancing the lives of vulnerable populations in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.


Handover of IT equipment to health centre officials in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

The Centre procured and handed over IT equipment to Twajiji, Igamara, and Bolomoni Health Centers. The equipment included laptop computers, printers and laptop bags. This is to help the health centres operate efficiently in terms of storing, uploading and accessing health related information and data. The centre believes that, this intervention will contribute towards enjoyment of the right to health in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement and host community.

Training Beneficiary Health Centres on the Maximisation of the Solar Energy and ICT Infrastructure for greater access to health

Training Beneficiaries on the use of solar and IT equipment

JPIIJPC and IRC collaborated to train 9 personnel from Twajiji, Igamara, and Bolomoni Health Centers on the proper care, use, and maintenance of solar energy infrastructure and computers donated by the JPIIJPC to the health centres. The trainings included the following

  1. Solar Energy Infrastructure Care: Guidelines on maintenance, cleaning, troubleshooting, and prolonging the lifespan of solar panels, batteries, and inverters.
  2. Basic Computer Care: Best practices for computer maintenance, storage, virus protection, software updates, data backup and recovery, and hardware issues.
  3. Data Entry and Management: Hands-on training on accurate data entry, organization, retrieval, data quality assurance, privacy, security, and documentation using health data management portals.
  4. Internet Research for Health: Strategies for reliable health information sources, search techniques, credibility evaluation, and online tools for evidence-based healthcare.
  5. Troubleshooting and Problem-solving: Essential skills for identifying and resolving common computer, printer, and internet issues, basic network troubleshooting, and problem-solving strategies to minimize downtime and maximize system efficiency.
  6. Infection Prevention and Control: Knowledge and skills to prevent and control infections.
flagging off solar energy materials for health centre III- Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

Outcome: The training equipped the personnel with necessary knowledge and skills to maintain and utilize the provided infrastructure effectively. The training enhanced their skills in maintaining and utilising the provided infrastructure, data entry and management, internet research, and infection prevention and control, enabling the health centres to provide efficient and effective healthcare services to the beneficiaries.


In march 2023, the Centre supplied solar materials for health centre III in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement. The aim is to power the health centre

s to ensure effective and efficient functioning and better services to the refugees and the host community.

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