Pastoral Peace visit

Pastoral Peace Visit by Bishop of Arua Diocese in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

JPIIJPC organized a pastoral peace visit by the Bishop of Arua Diocese to Bidibidi Refugee Settlement on 11th May 2023. The visit brought together various religious leaders from all religious faiths, partners in the settlement, government officials, POCs, and host community. The event aimed at helping the community reflect on several issues and seek God’s blessings as well as addressing challenges such as reduced food ratios, introduction of school fees, theft, rape, domestic violence, and resource conflicts in the settlement and host community. Over 1000 participants attended, using the visit as an opportunity to reflect on peaceful coexistence and establish working solutions. The pastoral peace visit by the Bishop of Arua Catholic Diocese provided an opportunity for reflection, collaboration, and blessings. The commitment of stakeholders, including JPIIJPC, religious leaders, government officials, and civil society organizations, was highlighted as crucial in supporting the POCs and achieving peace in the settlement.

Read The full Report about the visit here Bishop’s Peace Visit Report

Watch the Event here: Bishop’s Peace Pastoral Visit to Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

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